The Foundation

The aim of the foundation

We all depend on and make use of medical knowledge throughout our lives from the moment we are conceived. Today, thanks to the Grangettes Foundation, by making a simple donation according to our means, we can all help to stimulate research and improve our health.

Because health is our most important asset, the Grangettes Foundation offers everybody the chance to bring together the resources required for the noble causes it supports—medical research and training in medical and paramedical fields.

In a world where illnesses and treatments are constantly developing, it is essential for everybody's health that we develop and share our knowledge better.

The Grangettes Foundation must make a very real contribution to the large amount of progress that still needs to be made in these fields.

The Foundation

About us

The Grangettes Foundation is a private not-for-profit foundation that has been recognised as being of public value by the Swiss Confederation. It was created in June 2003 by the Clinique des Grangettes in Geneva. 

This institution is intended to be completely independent from the Clinic that shares its name. This means that the Foundation can dedicate itself entirely to its mission of promoting the development of medical knowledge.

The Foundation is fully independent but nevertheless can still benefit from the expertise held by the Clinic. The Clinic is committed to supporting the Foundation's work alongside the other donors, whose donations are irrevocably committed to the foundation.

The Foundation

The board of the foundation

The Board of the Foundation has all of the expertise required for its management. It ensures that the Foundation is managed strictly and transparently and that it complies with the mission to which it is assigned.

The Board is assisted by a Scientific Committee whose role is to determine the quality and the value of the research or training projects that apply for grants from the Foundation. It ensures, and therefore guarantees for its donors, the quality of the projects supported by the Foundation.


Chairman of the Foundation
Professor André-Pascal Sappino

François del Coso

Maître Caroline Ferrero Menut